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Our core business is accounting. Continuous bookkeeping and accounting for any business transactions, payroll administration, management of payment flows from customers and suppliers, invoicing, and any reminders.

Everything is of course managed digitally, and you as our client can handle your business transactions through the mobile app connected to our accounting software.

Our tools

Our cooperation partners offer our clients industry-specific digital aids and tools, which we have integrated into the accounting program. By employing these resources, our daily accounting tasks can be performed more effectively, streamlining the accounting process and minimizing the need for manual interventions. This will ultimately save time for both parties involved, allowing us to focus on other aspects of our business.

Time that gives you strength, creativity, and freedom to do what you want. We can use our time to better develop your business and find new value-creating and creative solutions for your daily operations.

Personal contact

When you collaborate with us, an exclusive Elite representative will be dedicated to supporting you. This appointed accountant serves as an integral member of your team, committed to advocating for your interests, providing innovative solutions, and contributing valuable ideas to drive your company’s progress.

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We are based in the heart of Stockholm at Klarabergsviadukten 90 and are eager to connect, whether digitally or face-to-face!"

The location doesn't matter - regardless of where in the country you are, we are ready to meet and work together.

Lucas, CEO
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Elite Accounting
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